CEANNIS was founded in 1988 by Ann-Louise Andrén and ever since the brand has stayed true to its original vision: To create beautiful, functional bags and lifestyle items of high quality. With a strong attention to details and functionality, CEANNIS mission is to become a leading bag and home interior producer in Scandinavia. Built on the foundation of passion for beautiful materials, production and design, all combined in a lifestyle concept - Ceannis Living Accessories. During the first years, Ceannis worked under its own brand and exclusively in Asia. As the company developed and expanded, so did the demand. Since 2002 Ceannis is based in Stockholm, and today we offer a wide range of products under the name "Ceannis Living Accessories" worldwide.


Founder Ann-Louise Andrén leads the development of new products in collaboration with a design team. New collections for spring, summer, autumn and winter are continuously developed. The focus on fashion and function combined with quality and affordable pricing has resulted in a rapid growth, and Ceannis has quickly established itself as a leading Scandinavia bag and lifestyle producer. 

“We believe that by empowering our community with options, visibility and transparency, we hope it will serve as inspiration to make further changes towards a more sustainable tomorrow"


"Ann-Louise Andrén, Founder of CEANNIS


CEANNIS produces quality products in a carefully thought-out designs with maximum durability and longevity. Major part of CEANNIS products are manufactured in China, but all of our producing partners, regardless of country, commit to comply with the CEANNIS Code of Conduct. This code includes clear rules on working conditions, production, the environment and quality. All CEANNIS producing partners follow our list of banned chemicals as well as the European REACH regulation. To ensure this, we visit our partners regularly. We also work with local partners who perform regular control visits to ensure that CEANNIS Supplier agreement is followed.


At CEANNIS we thoughtfully select fabrics and materials in order to create designs that are fashionable, practical, affordable and of great quality. All materials are still as of today handpicked by the Founder Ann-Lousie Andrén.

We want everyone that purchase a CEANNIS product to experience a long-lasting journey. We are constantly working to improve our production and offer more environmentally-friendly materials.

More detailed information on each material we produce in our collections will shortly follow here.


Another important part of CEANNIS CSR work includes social responsibility and our Code of Conduct includes clear guidelines on the conditions of our workers. Among other things, all CEANNIS employees, as well as our producing partners workers, must be offered a safe workplace. Child labor and forced labor are strictly prohibited as well as work that may harm a person's health. The salary should be reasonable and employees should be entitled to vacation and sick leave. Equal rights and opportunities is a must regardless of age, sex, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability or union membership. It is important that our workplace is characterized by diversity. Our employees and partners are of different nationalities, and work in various parts of the world, which, of course, plays a crucial role in CEANNIS growth. Within the company, we strive for even sex, gender and age distribution.